Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi was founded in october 1995 by Mr Jens Tholstrup and Flemming Gerhardt-Pedersen. Mr Jens Tholstrup joined April 1st 1999 Wm Grant and Sons, Dufftown, Scotland as their Global Brand Ambassadour, and was replaced by Suzanne Gerhardt-Pedersen.

    The main aims for Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi are:

    to contribute to the debates in Denmark about Maltwhisky

    to extend people´s knowledge to Maltwhisky in Denmark

    to make maltwhisky even more available in Denmark than in the past

Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi has their own Magazine, who is due 4 times a year. The only magazine in Denmark on this subject. End 1999 "MALTEN" has more than 700 subscribers. The magazine releases news on the market, articles on destilleries and relevancies.

In December 1996 Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi released the book "En whiskyverden" by Jens Tholstrup with foreword of Søren Ryge Petersen, a well known Danish Journalist, who has made more TV-programms on Scotland - and on whisky ofcourse.

Furthermore Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi arrange whisky tasting all over Denmark for members and companies, as well as whiskystudy tours to Scotland are frequently announced.

Please contact us for more details.

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